Ekramoddoullah, Abul Kalam M. aekramoddoul at PFC.Forestry.CA
Fri Sep 9 11:25:21 EST 1994

	Available April 1, 1995 for two years to investigate the anti-freeze
properties of a recently discovered conifer protein by emplyoying molecular
biological techniques. Specifically, these studies will focus on the synthesis of
cDNA, PCR cloning, sequencing and characterization of cDNA clones, purification
of the expressed protein, assessment of its ant-freeze function by expressing
the protein in a transgenic plant such as tobacco. Experience in molecular
biology is essential. Applicants should send curriculum vitae, description of
research experience, and three letters of recommendation to: Abul K.M.
Ekramoddoullah, Ph.D., Research Scientist, Canadian Forest Service, Pacific
Forestry Centre, 506 West Burnside Road, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada,
V8Z 1M5, Email: AEKRAMODDOUL at A1.PFC.Forestry.CA, FAX 604-363-0775. Telephone

  EKRAMODDOULLAH, ABUL KALAM M.     Title: Research Scientist
  Forestry Canada                   Phone: (604) 363-0600
  Victoria, B.C.                    Internet: AEKRAMODDOUL at A1.PFC.Forestry.CA

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