Cholesterol in Plants?

Steven L. Manley slmanley at
Tue Sep 13 19:45:40 EST 1994

dkim at wrote:
: Hello:

: As long as I am on the subject of plant hormones:

: I had been told many times that cholesterol is unknown in the plant world,
: and yet Ecdysone is a steroid hormone.  So, is it synthesized via 
: cholesterol?  Is no food actually "safe" and "virtuous" ?

cholesterol has been identified in some algae, reds in particular.
ecdysones are synthesized from cholesterol in some vascular plants 
(e.g. Polypodium vulgare, a fern). cholesterol is present in most higher 
plants but in very small quantities; i believe it is generally an 
intermediary for the synthesis of other related compounds.

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