looking for Post Doc position in Plant Radiobiology

Dmitry A. Los losda at NIBB.AC.JP
Wed Sep 14 23:35:25 EST 1994

I am posting this message for my friend:

Aelita A. Konoplyova

Institute of Cell Biology and Genetic Engineering
ul. Zbolotnogo, 148, DSP-22,
252143 Kiev, Ukrain

fax: (7) 044 266-92-66

1981 - 1986   a student of Department of biology in Voronezh State University,
                  Voronezh, Russia.
         1986   M.Sc. in Biology, plant physiology and biochemistry

1988 - 1991   Ph.D. course at the Institute of Cell Biology and Genetic 
                   Kiev, Ukrain.

          1992  Ph.D. in radiobiology. The title of the Ph.D. dissertation:
                  " Effects of chronic irradiation on callusogenesis and 
regeneration in
                    plant tissue culture"

Member of the International Union of Radioecology

Current research interests:

Plant radiobiology, plant radioecology.
Plant tissue culture: callusogenesis, morphogenesis, somatic embryogenesis,
phytohormonal regulation).

Recent references:

Grodzynsky, D.M. and Konoplyova, A.A. (1992) Dependence between transfer 
index and level of 
radionuclide contamination in soil in the direct neighbourhood of Chernobyl NPP.
Proseedings Internat. Symp. Radioecology. Chechoslovakia.

Konopleva, A.A., Zseltonozskaya, L.V., Conger, B.V. and Grodzinsky, D.M. (1993)
In vitro response of Dactylis glomerata leaf segments as affected by growing 
plants in radioactive soil. Environ. Exp. Bot. 3314, 501-504

More available upon request.

Please, contact Dr. Konoplyova on the fax number above

or, fax: (7) 044 227-35-95    !!Attention: Mr. Malinovsky!!

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