Plant Chemicals

Walter Schmid schmid at
Thu Sep 15 10:33:49 EST 1994

Subject:    Plant Chemicals
The appearance of several inquiries about chemical compounds (just within
the past few days it was cholesterol, ecdysone, and oil of mint) found in
plants, sometimes unusual or unexpected compounds, moves me to comment that
when I come up with questions like this, I consult a book which I acquired
several years ago for initial information and lots of references. 
The book is 'Organic Constituents of Plants'. It was written by Professor
Trevor Robinson and the most recent edition which I have seems to be the
5th which appeared in 1983.
I find that it is lots of times useful in terms or relationships of the
compounds, biosynthetic pathways involved, species occurrence, and
sometimes even the purpose the compounds seem to serve. 
There are thousands of references contained in the book. 
It's a good starting reference. 
Does anyone know if Dr. Robinson published a more-recent edition and, if
so, is it still available? 

Plant Biology
Carbondale, Illinois

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