Requests for seeds, introduction of non-native plants

Paul Atkins PVANGRG at
Sat Sep 17 16:02:59 EST 1994

I'm concerned about the posts I see from people requesting seeds of one type or
another.  I hope that these requests are only for use in laboratories, rather than
for outside planting.

I volunteer for the National Park Service in the Golden Gate National Recreation
Area near San Francisco.  One of our major problems is removal of invasive exotic
(non-native) plants.  Some of these have been here for years but new ones show up
all the time.  Probably because someone got some seeds from another area - as well
as from plants "escaping" from local flower gardens.

The invasive exotic plants crowd out native vegetation.  Native vegetation in some
areas is essential to the survival of animal species which are becoming endangered
such as the Mission Blue and San Bruno Elfin butterflies.

So, please think twice, three times, before introducing non-native plants to an area.

Use local native plants and acquire them from local native plant nurseries.

Georgia Grant - using my husband's Internet Account 

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