Percival Incubators still around?

Mon Sep 19 11:38:55 EST 1994

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BIOF022 at (Chuck Amsler) writes:
>Does anyone have a phone number for Percival Incubators?  Are they still
>in business?  Perhaps I've badly mispelled it, but my purchasing department
>can't come up with anything about them.  Thanks for any help.
>  -- Chuck Amsler    biof022 at
>     Department of Biology, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Percival Manufacturing is still very  much around.  You should check
out the efficiency of your Purchasing Dept.  PMC  still manufactures
environmental chambers/incubators, and regularly attends scientific
meetings to sell their wares.   I'd suggest informing your
Purchasing people about directory assistance, or at least have them
follow-up  on your request for information!   You will also see
their advertizements in various trade/scientific magazines.

     Their info:    Percival Manufacturing Co.
                    1805 Mamie Eisenhower St.
                    Boone, Iowa 50036

             TEL:   1-515-432-6501

     (I'll let you call 1-800 directory assistance to see if they
have an 800 number.)

     Good luck.......................

     Rob Wallace                      (No affiliaton w/PMC)
     Dept. of Botany, Iowa State Univ.

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