african violets & gesneriads maillist

Paul J. Laski Paul_Laski at
Mon Sep 19 13:07:46 EST 1994

I occasionally try to breed my African Violets but have only successfully
done this twice.  I try to get different colored flowers with certain
crosses.  A mail list would be greatly appreciated if it would contain the
opportunity to improve my technique and possibly find access to different
varieties.  Thanks Paul

In article <35i36j$gg4 at>, klaw at
(Kathryn Dolores Law) wrote:
> If you have interest in African Violets and/or gesneriads, there is a 
> maillist discussion group that will interest you!  Subscribers from all 
> over the world discuss plant culture and hybridizing, all aspects and 
> levels involvement.  Check it out!  Send a message to me at the above 
> address, or:    gesneriphiles-request at
> Thank you,
> Kathy Law

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