autumn syndrome (fwd)

Dave L Robinson robin019 at MAROON.TC.UMN.EDU
Mon Sep 19 19:58:11 EST 1994

Does anyone have a really good, current reference on the plant-physiology
behind the changes that occur in leaves in the autumn? Plant Physiology
textbooks give only a cursory discussion of this topic.

In some parts of Minnesota the maples are changing color way ahead of
schedule...they started changing about three weeks ago. I understand 
that its due to unusual weather patterns the past couple years
(in Minnesota we've had a couple very wet summers and frigid winters) but I'd
like to find a thorough discussion of the interactions between photoperiod,
temperature, biotic- and abiotic-stresses as related to fall colors. I know
there's recent research on leaf abscission but is there anything else
relating to the molecular/cellular biology of leaf changes in the autumn?


Dave Lowell Robinson
St. Olaf College
Northfield, MN

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