database for herbarium sought

Heafner, Kerry Donald KH8324 at CONRAD.APPSTATE.EDU
Wed Sep 28 11:51:28 EST 1994

We at Appalachian State University are looking to put our herbarium on
database.  We realize this is a monolithic task but we feel our herbarium is
too useful to just sit here.  I would be interested in hearing from anyone
out there who can suggest some databse programs to do this with.  We have
approximately 1600 vascular plant vouchers plus a fairly extensive bryophyte
collection.  If anyone can suggest how we might get started, please respond
to this post or send e-mail to:

		KH8324 at Conrad.Appstate.Edu

		Many Thanks.........Kerry D. Heafner
				    ASU Biology Dept.
			            Boone, NC  28608
				    (704) 262-3025

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