Question, cell wall isolation.

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: > Is it anybody out there how knows a good method for isolating cell walls 
: > from embryogenic suspension cultures of norway spruce and of carrots.

: It depends on what you want the walls for.  To use the walls as substrate
: for wall-degrading fungal enzymes, I identified the procedure of:
: Nagahashi, G. et al.  1985. Purification of cell wall fragments by sucrose
: gradient centrifugation.  Protoplasma 129:36-43

I agree that it depends what you want the walls for, but the sucrose
density gradients are normally used to _fractionate_ cell walls from
different cell types.

If you have a single cell type in your culture then you could just do
an ethanol extraction? and keep the residue.

We've recently been looking at degradation of different cell types
'in-situ' in sections of maize internodes using fungal cellulase and
ethanol conserved plant material.

We've also used mechanical fractionation (Lopez, S., Murison, S.D., Travis,
A.J. and Chesson, A.  (1993).  Degradability of parenchyma and sclerenchyma
cell walls isolated at different developmental stages from a newly
expanded maize internode,  Acta Bot. Neerl., 42,  165-174).

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