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Hello All!

I have just compleated building a large pond with the idea of growing the
Victoria waterlily.  I still have to build the pump house and install the
solar and the modified swimming pool heater. But the gas, power and all
the piping are roughed into the pump house sight.

Victoria amazonica may be a bit much for me to start off with.  I am
that what I need may be V cruziana.  I think (but do not know for sure)
that the Longwood variety does not produce fertile seeds.  But if it does,
I would like to give that, as well as the V cruziana a try.

I am in Portland Oregon, and contrary to what you might think, we do have
a few 100 degree days here and there during the summer.  And I know a
variety of Victoria is growing in unheated pools in the Denver Botanical
Garden, and they get more snow than we do. <g>

I would like to exchange information with anyone having experence growing
any variety of this waterlily.

August and September are times for seeds, so if you have a few to spare, I
am looking for some.


I've never heard of a Victoria that survives Denver winters. Sounds like
an oxymoron.  But you should confer with Slocum Water Gardens.  They sell
Victorias and might help with seed.

Slocum Water Gardens
1101 Cypress Gardens Road
Winter Haven, FL 33880
(814) 293-7151, M-F 8-4

Gray Shaw (gray_shaw at is preferred)

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