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Andrew McLellan andrew at
Thu Apr 6 06:52:34 EST 1995

john sheau (sheau at wrote:
: This is a project that will help many, many people including yourself
: and we want as many of you to join in as possible.  To get maximum 
: participation, it has been decided that those who help will be paid 
: for their effort.  In the past I'm sure you've had a chance to help 
: but for one reason or another you didn't and later you wished you
: would have.  Here is another chance, don't let it go by.  Send for 
: free information through E-mail at sheau at covina, 

Is there a chance you could possibly give us a hint of what it is
all about?   



"we have only a short while to please the living but all
eternity to love the dead" - antigone

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