Propagating lemon trees from cuttings?

Marilyn H. Fetterman AN700018 at
Tue Apr 11 20:22:28 EST 1995

In February I took cuttings from a lemon tree, dipped the ends in Rootone, put 
each cutting in moist, sterile sand and enclosed each in a plastic bag.  Not 
noticing any external evidence of growth and getting rather impatient three 
weeks ago, I inspected one and there was no evidence of root formation.  Two 
weeks ago I checked another and yesterday, the third---nothing.

The cuttings were all green ends of branches with leaves.  The leaves still 
look fine but I am starting to wonder if these cutting will ever root.  

Any advice will be most welcome.  The lemons from this tree are huge, larger 
than grapefruit, with rough skins. 

BTW, if an expert on citrus varieties reads this posting, I am also trying to 
identify and get seeds (or a cutting) from a type of lemon I only know of as 
"rough lemon."  These lemons are the size of large oranges, rough textured, 
and do not taste as acidic as regular lemons.  The only place I have ever seen 
them is in Eastern Equatoria Province of the Southern Sudan, where Italian 
missionaries planted the trees in the 1940s.

Marilyn H. Fetterman
AN700018 at


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