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: does anyone know who will be publishing a new series of
: books called
: The flora of the Russian Arctic.
: ed. A.I. Tolmachev and B.A. Yurtsev
: transl. by Graham CD Griffiths
: general english ed. John G. Packer.
: suppose to be published in 6 volumes with first
: comeing out in August which I doubt since series
: has not been advertized in USA and no one has
: heard about it at US libraries. But if anyone
: know the editors or translators, we would really
: like to know who will published this series.
: Pamela Burns-Balogh
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I haven't heard of this either, but John Packer is (or used to
be) in the Botany Department here at the University of Alberta in
Edmonton. You could try the general university info number
(403) 492-3111 and try tracking him down that way.
Botany is now part of the Biosciences Department - their
general number is (403) 492-3308.
Hope this helps.

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