Two questions: light and jade plants

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Sat Apr 22 15:10:39 EST 1995

hodgesc at (Chuck Hodges) wrote:
> Question 2.)  I have a jade plant (tree) that I have had for two years.
>  It has grown very little.  It looks very healty, just short.  It is
> only about 6 inches high and it was about 5 inches high when I bought
> it.  I would like to know exactly how to care for it so that it has a
> chance to thrive.
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As for the second question, my guess is that the jade plant was planted in 
a container much to big for it.Leaf growth will be encouraged if the roots 
are slightly bound. If there is a lot of room in the pot then the roots
will grow but the plant won't. Also Succulents prefer shallow pots to deep 
ones. They also require a free draining compost.They love an outdoor period 
during the summer,south facing the sun is ideal.
	As for watering,during the winter,water infrequently. Once every 
month or 2 should be fine. During the growing season(spring to autumn),water 
and feed thoruoghly whenever soil begins to dry. I hope this helps out
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