Two questions: light and jade plants

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Fri Apr 21 11:04:31 EST 1995

hodgesc at (Chuck Hodges) wrote:
> Question 1.) I know that natural light is best for plants.  I would
> like to know what type of light benefits plants if natural light is
> unavailable.  Are regular light bulbs o.k.?
> Question 2.)  I have a jade plant (tree) that I have had for two years.
>  It has grown very little.  It looks very healty, just short.  It is
> only about 6 inches high and it was about 5 inches high when I bought
> it.  I would like to know exactly how to care for it so that it has a
> chance to thrive.
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I have some degree of experience growing orchids indoors. Flourescent
lights (no special ³grow lights²) seem to be the best if you can¹t afford
high-intensity lighting such as silver halide. Some growers actually change
the light from Halide to Sodium vapour when plants begin to flower, since
its red spectrum is more like natural sunlight in the fall.

I would suggest banks of regular flourescents kept about four inches 
from the plants. Provide lots of air movement with fans in order
to reduce heat. Plants like breezes anyway.

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