Can you answer a question or two?

Nicholas Skelton nicksk at
Tue Aug 1 07:20:15 EST 1995

I hope this helps
It is only off the top of my head

>exhaust from buses, which will be idling
next to the garden.  The question is, is there a problem with 
toxins from the exhaust being taken up by plants, either through 
the leaves or the roots?

No not really. There is likely to be more damage caused by wind, soot
coating the leaves and being run over. 

>lead in the soil near there new home......are there plants that can absorb heavy 
metals through their roots and concentrate them in the leaves or 
This can happen to a small extent but it would be irrelevant in this
case. I sugest a thick layer of topsoil, not growing vegetables and not

I hope this is of interest to you. 


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