HELP - Finding an Elodea (Anacharis) nucleus in H.S. biology

Nancy Harrison nanharrison at
Thu Aug 3 15:30:00 EST 1995

DonaldT430 <donaldt430 at> writes:
>Neither my students nor I have ever been able to find a nucleus in an
>Elodea cell, even after staining with Lugol's iodine.  Can you suggest a
>method that will visualize an Elodea nucleus.  If not Elodea then some
nuclei - in Elodea all the time, if you adjust the diaphragm
s not easy, but with patience
you can see them as pale gray blobs in the cell.  We use live material
s always onion.  Sorry
if this note is messed up - I and using Telnet today. - Nan in Calif

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