California Flora Database on-line

Bradley K. Sherman bks at
Thu Aug 3 16:28:14 EST 1995

The California Flora Database is available for on-line searching at:

The entire database is available for anonymous ftp at:    [note: "ftp", not "http"]

Excerpts from the release notes [see above for complete notes]:
   March 31, 1995


   Address questions and comments to:
   Ann Dennis, Ph.D.
   USDA Forest Service-Pacific Southwest Research Station
   P.O. Box 245
   Berkeley, CA 94701
   ad at

   CALFLORA.TXT contains geographic and ecological distribution information
   for 6717 California vascular plant taxa, as well as additional habitat
   information for rare taxa and species of the Sierra Nevada.  There is a
   record for each of 5902 species-level taxa included in  A California
   Flora and Supplement (Munz and Keck 1968) and additional records for
   infraspecific taxa included in the CNPS Inventory of Rare and Endangered
   Vascular Plants of California (Skinner and Pavlick 1994).


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