Potting Soil Recipe

sac18789 at csus.edu sac18789 at csus.edu
Sun Aug 6 01:49:06 EST 1995

This recipe relies on one critical ingredient that may not be widely available.
2 parts Redi-Gro humus*critical-this stuff has so much good stuff plants
go crazy, i use it as a top dressing in the years i don't repot my house
1 part peat moss
1 part generic potting soil of reputable value.

this mix tends to shrink and swell due to the peat moss but even watering
prevents this from being a great problem

the humus is stinky and will stain carpets if it overflows the container.

one last thing, Redi-Gro is from Sacramento CA so I don't know how widely
they distribute their product.


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> I'm sure that this has been asked hundreds of times, but - - 
> does anyone have a recipe for making your own potting soil?
> Thanks.

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