cycad information wanted

Henri Morin henrim at
Sun Aug 6 10:23:56 EST 1995

I far as I known in the Nursery market you find Zamia 
Furfuracea, Dion Edule, and Zamia Alicia all of them fom 
Mexico. The first one fron the Coast of Vera-Cruz between 
Alvarado and Coatzacoalcos and the other to from the Huasteca.
There are also a Zamia from the south of Florida momentanaly I 
forget the second part of the name.
By your descrition is a zamia Furfuracea but if you send me a 
photo or a dawing I will be please to help you.

For a good collection of cycads look at the Fairfield garden in 

Henri Morin

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