Umbellularia californica

Scott Ranger ranger at
Mon Aug 7 18:17:26 EST 1995

Umbellularia california has a plethora of common names.  Those suggested 
so far are probably NOT as common as Oregon Myrtle.  Far less common is 
the name Pepperwood.

Oregon Myrtle has developed a life of its own along the Oregon coast.  
Legend has it that this species grows only here and in the holy land.  
That legend is quite false.  The species grows from the Umpqua River in 
southwestern Oregon into southern California, and perhaps into Baja 
California.  It occurs both in the coast as well as Sierra Nevada ranges.
It is totally unrelated to any similar plant that is supposed to occur in 
the holy land.

A dorm at Humboldt State University in Arcata, CA (my alma mater) is 
named Pepperwood for the tree.

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