Umbellularia californica

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>Hi !
>Does anybody know the english or german name of the tree
>* Umbellularia californica *  ?
>The leaves are smelling like a spice ?!

It isa spice in this country at least, often sold AS Bay Laurel Leaves 
(Laurus nobilis).  Years ago I had a contract to pick 150 pounds of the 
leaves for a broker (for McCormick Bros., I believe).  I have often seen 
them for sale in the spice section of supermarkets.  Personally, I find
them stronger and even disagreeably pungent compared to the European

It isn't that Umbellularia smells stronger because they are
(at least in the US) fresher (Laurel leaves are often gathered after
frost or least the lower grades we see)...they just smell
DIFFERENT, like Spearmint vs Peppermint.  

Conversely, Umbellularia was a homeopathic remedy, and the fresh leaf
tincture is very useful for (A) smelling salts and (B) frontal headaches
induced by eyestrain or compensation stress.

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