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Sat Aug 12 13:24:13 EST 1995

"Louis F. Jewett" <lfjewet at> wrote:

>Hello thank you for takeing time to read this. Let me first start off=20
>by saying I am a 17 year old high school student. Me and a team are working
>on an ambitious goal of creating a Virtual Envirnment off a 100 square mile
>area of New Mexico. Includeing ALL plant and animal life. This project will
>be done on the Ncube super computer and will simulate the movement of all=
>life in the area. this will allow us to test introduceing or removeing a=20
>species from this area. However the ammounts of data needed will be huge,
>we need plant regeneration and animal reproduction, I didn't know where=20
>to ask so I chose here can any one Point me to a location to get=20
>information????? Thank you very much!!

Sounds like you have quite a project.

If you have access to the Web, you should look a      and  Science- Artifical Life in YAHOO
for additional links.

These will give you some ideas what people have been doing for years
in creating life on computers.

Joe  - Ellen's first husband

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