Biodegradable Plastics from Plants

Daniel Kim dkim at
Mon Aug 7 13:04:11 EST 1995

If you are looking for information about plastics from plants, you might 
want to search for the polymer named "Polyhydroxybutyrate".  This is one 
of the materials used for this process (I think abbreviated PHB).

SCIENCE had a news-and-views article about PHB called "In search of the 
plastic potato" several years ago.  More recently was a short news bit 
about a recombinant cotton that produces a PHB/cellulose composite fiber 
(yes . . . an all-natural poly-cotton blend!)

This research has been ongoing for years, and comes up in the news (and 
in the literature) every once in a while.  Maybe one of the databases 
such as Science Citation Index or AGRICOLA could be of help.

Daniel Kim

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