Serenna veriformans ??

Ralph D. Arnold rarnold at
Thu Aug 17 14:56:37 EST 1995

Is this quote accurate from "Jurassic Park" (Michael Crichton, page 85):

-Serenna veriformans, a plant found abundantly in fossils more than two
-hundred million years old, now common only in the wetlands of Brazil and 
-Columbia.  ...the spores of veriformans contained a deadly beta-carboline
-alkaloid.  Even touching the attractive green fronds could make you sick, 
-and if a child were to take a mouthful, he would almost certainly die -- 
-the toxin was fifty times more poisonous than oleandar.

Where might I turn for more info on this (and similar species), including 
actual toxicity and sources of speciments? Thanks!    rarnold at 

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