Poplar Root Depth Studies?

Nobody Dept.ofSoilScience
Thu Aug 17 10:18:02 EST 1995

asrzhapi at reading.ac.uk (Heping Zhang) wrote:

Dear Jeff

I am a PhD student in Reading University. My research field is soil 
physics with emphasis on soil water movement. I have done some work on 
root systems of poplars and water uptake by popalr trees. 

I found that poplar trees are very tolerate waterlogging. They can spread 
their roots in to groundwater and directcly extract water from it. In my 
sutiation poplar roots has gone down to 1.5 m where the water table 
occured and laterally up to 2 - 3 m from the trunks.Site water balance 
indicates that more half of total water transpired by poplar trees is 
from groundwater. This sound to be a good news to your project.

I hope this is helpful to you.

By the way, I will be completing my PhD very soon. I am looking for a 
postdoc job at mounment. Could you tell whether there is any possibility 
in your group?

If you are interested my work, I could catch my by email.

Heping Zhang

Soil Science Department       tel +44 1734 316557
Reading University            fax +44 1734 316660
PO box 233
Reading, RG6 2DW, UK

>I am in need of information concerning depth of root penetration for
>Poplars, especially as this relates to water intake with depth.  I am also
>interested in diurnal and seasonal variations on water uptake.  
>This is for a project involving the use of trees to remediate contaminated
>groundwater by having the trees extract the groundwater and metabolize
>volatile organic compounds (VOCs).  
>My background is relatively weak in the area of botany.  Any help would be
>Jeff Berk

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