mushroom problem

_doc_ daka at
Fri Aug 18 16:31:59 EST 1995

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Gregory Layton Reid <ac810 at> wrote:
>Our Schefflera actinophylla (umbrella plant) has been    
>infected with Lepiota lutea mushroom (lemon-yellow       
>Lepiota mushroom).  I mean there are lots... of them,    
>very small, so this message has some urgency.  Are they  
>hazardous to the Schefflera plant and if so, what should 
>be done.  The plant seems healthy at the moment and the  
>mushrooms are doing well.  What can I do????

I would allow the mushrooms to grow for a while as they 
may be developing a symbiotiuc relationship with your 
plant (as many mushrooms do).  If the plant remains 
healthy, than you are set.  If not, a simple fungacide
should solve the problem.


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