Poplar Root Depth Studies?

David O'Keeffe dokeeffe at umich.edu
Fri Aug 18 19:51:41 EST 1995

Jeffrey Berk (jefberk at freenet.columbus.oh.us) wrote:

: I am in need of information concerning depth of root penetration for
: Poplars, especially as this relates to water intake with depth.  I am also
: interested in diurnal and seasonal variations on water uptake.  

: This is for a project involving the use of trees to remediate contaminated
: groundwater by having the trees extract the groundwater and metabolize
: volatile organic compounds (VOCs).  

: My background is relatively weak in the area of botany.  Any help would be
: appreciated.

: Jeff Berk

JEFF - look at the July issue of Environ. Sci. & Tech.29(7), 318A-323A.  
This short review by Jerald L. Schnoor et al. [Univ. of Iowa] describes, 
in part, some of the studies they have done with poplar as a 
"phytoremediation" agent.  This field is really catching folks attention 
these days.  Many plants may be useful.  I am studying the water hyacinth 
as are others.  Good luck.-- 
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