Is Oleander poisonous?

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>My wife and I just purchased a new home which has Oleander hedges
>the front of the property.  I have been told that oleander is very,
>very poisonous.  Since we have 4 cats and 2 dogs, I'm worried of them
>being poisoned while chewing on the hedges.  
>Is oleander poisonous?  If so, is it poisonous enough to harm cats or
>dogs?  If so, is it poisonous enough to hurt humans?  How?
>Any information would be greatly appreciated.  We're supposed to move
>in two weeks.
>Please e-mail killion at with any thoughts or comments.
>Thank you, all.

Hi Edward,

The oleander is indeed very poisonous to human and animals if INGESTED.
The foliage contains a toxic alkaloid (the name of which and
physiological effect escape me).  If your pets are in the habit of
chewing foliage, it might be wise to keep the pets and oleanders apart
for your own peace of mind, and for the welfare of your cats and dogs. 
My own cats have lived in the presence of oleanders for years and have
never presented symptoms of poisoning.  I'm not sure dogs would be
quite as discriminating.  The toxic nature of the oleander is also a
concern if you or your neighbors have small children.


Donald Crain

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