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Sun Aug 20 14:29:37 EST 1995

I've experimented with various forms of slug and cutworm control for
two decades.  My experiences:

1.  Beer baits attract slugs.  Slugs will crawl over a 5-acre lot to get 
to the bait, and that just means more in the garden.  And although I
could take in 5-8 slugs a night with the beer bait, I attracted ten times
that many into the garden.  

Moving the beer bait several hundred feet away made no difference.
Some mornings, I could see the new slug trails glistening in the dew,
and they came up from below, to the beer bait, then right on to the

2.  Slugs in my area (northwest Oregon) are definitely attracted to
certain types of plants.  You can use these plants as offerings to the
slug gods so that the gods will be appeased and the slugs will 
ignore the other plants in your garden.  Examples:

     apple mint

A note about the apple mint:  I grew six kinds of mint in my
garden; the apple mint was the only one that attracted slugs.
Along with the mints, I grew all the std veggies:  corn, tomatoes,
carrots, celery, lettuce (4 kinds), herbs, cukes, zucs, etc.  In the
past, the slugs had partaken of just about everything.  Once I
started making the proper offerings to the slug gods, I stopped
having problems.  I just had to be willing to sacrifice three
things I would have liked to grow.

BTW, it doesn't take much planting either.  My garden area was
80'x90', and in that area, I had two apple mint plants, five
broccoli plants, and one rhubarb.  All at strategic locations (slugs
have nothing on me now!).  

Hope this helps.

    - Tara K. Harper

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