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Lori Whitaker (lwhitake at writes:
> What is the story with this unusual plant?  My kids want one.  Do they
> live longer than a week?   Thanks

I am not a venus flytrap expert, just a former grower of a plant.

I used to recommend to people not to buy these plants as I had read
that they were filed collected and that they were somewhat endangered.
I am not sure of their present status but my wife has seen tissue
propagated plants which I'd be happy to buy.

Venus flytrps can live a while but need special care.  In the house they
wont live for longer than maybe a year without a cold dormancy period.
(the winter dormancy period is possible to produce, I can't rellay
describe it as I could not do it successfully.)

I found that to grow the venus flytrap it needed to have its pot sit in a
saucer of water - an inch deep is good.  They like and need sun - not  a
scorching South exposure but a well lighted window sill would be good.
I didn't keep the lid on the plant because it goot too big.  I kept is in
proximity to other plants in order to maintain humidity around it.

I repotted it in moist peatmoss with success.

Feeding: - no fertilizer, the plant can burn.  
It doesappreciate insects.  I have feed it crickets and ants when flys
vere not available.  Th plant was healthier and grew when I fed it insects.
Don;t feed it hamburger meat or non insect matter, the traps can't digest
fat and the trap will rot.  Don't trigger the traps too much, they will
lose vigour.

Hope this helps, good luck -


Jeff Blackadar   - bb241 at

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