HELP - False Arelia dying!

Van H. Ackerman v-ackerman at
Mon Aug 21 10:21:00 EST 1995

We have owned this beautiful False Arelia (I don't know if that's how
it is spelled),  since 1980.  It is about 8 feet tall and was doing

Suddenly, it is loosing all of its leaves.  They are not dry or brown.
They just are falling off in groups.  At first we thought it might be
the air condition blowing directly on the plant.  We moved the plant
away from the vent -- the leaves are still dropping.  I water it about
once a week and it was repotted two years ago.  There doesn't seem to
be any visual spots from bugs or webs of any sort.  The new growth is
also starting to be effected.

I don't know what to do -- I would like to try to save it if I can.  I
can't just spray it with bug spray in case, I have two small babies, a
dog and cat (none are bothering the tree as it is gated off limites.

Please give me any ideas you may have to save this beautiful 15 year
old tree.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Shirley Ackerman

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