Is Oleander poisonous?

Mon Aug 21 17:56:31 EST 1995

In article <4149pt$q63 at>, dcrain at (Ronald
Crain ) wrote:
  I have been told that oleander is very,
> >very poisonous.  Since we have 4 cats and 2 dogs, I'm worried of them
> >being poisoned while chewing on the hedges.  

Oleander is an extremely common ornamental in yards and along roadways
throughout southern California, and I have never heard of anyone, or any
pets, being poisoned by it. Nibble a little and you will find that it has a
very unpleasant taste, so anything chewing on it is likely to stop after
the first nibble. I have even seen people chew quite a bit to demonstrate
its lack of toxicity. It is every low maintenance, has attractive flowers
over a long period, and needs almost no water once established, so, I say
keep the oleander.

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