Question:restoration ecology grad work

PMGaertner pmgaertner at
Tue Aug 22 02:42:40 EST 1995

Restoration Ecology

Calling all professors and graduate students working in restoration
ecology.  I'm very interested in pursuing graduate studies in this field. 
Please, if you could give me some information about profesors working on
restoration questions, or schools that have programs in this and related
studies, I would be a thousand times thankful.  I need addresses or phone
numbers so as to help me decide where to apply for the Fall '96 year.  
I'm really interested in the neotropics. 

Me?  Funny you should ask.  I have a BS in biology and I'm finishing up a
three year term with the Peace Corps in Honduras, where I've been working
with protected areas management and NGO development.  Okay Thanks for your
Post me a note on the Internet (Before Saturday Aug. 26) or write me in
Honduras (before Jan. 96) :

Andrew Gaertner
A.P. 48
Comayagua, CM
Central America 

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