CELSS Bibliography On-line

Dr. Mark mschnee at bilbo.bio.purdue.edu
Tue Aug 22 14:16:15 EST 1995

The Purdue University NASA Specialized Center of Research and Training in
Bioregenerative Life Support is proud to announce the creation of an
Internet-accessible bibliography.  The Center is a multi-disciplinary
research and training group dedicated to the study of bioregenerative and
Controlled Ecological Life-Support Systems (CELSS) for long-duration manned
terrestrial and space applications.

To learn more about the Purdue NSCORT, visit this URL:

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to this address:
listserv at vm.cc.purdue.edu

To access the CELSS Bibliography on the WWW, visit this URL:

To access the CELSS Bibliography via anonymous FTP (password= guest)
connect to this site:

The CELSS bibliography currently contains 2,322 references.  It is loosely
divided into 8 subject areas.  Each are available on the WWW or by FTP. 
The complete listing is available only on our FTP site.

Although it required a substantial effort to gather, format and code the
thousands of references being offered now, we are sure that this barely
scratches the surface. This bibliography will surely expand in the future.

The Purdue NSCORT is happy to offer this bibliography as part of our
Outreach efforts.  It is hoped that this will become a valuable resource
for researchers and students in the field of Bioregenerative Life Support.


Dr. Mark A. Schneegurt
mschnee at bilbo.bio.purdue.edu

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