wilted plants

keith kdmuelle at unity.ncsu.edu
Wed Aug 23 00:52:35 EST 1995

PickeringR at Crop.cri.nz (Richard Pickering) wrote:
> We occasionally get wilted plants (cereals, peas etc) in the 
> glasshouse.  It's not a pesticide or pathogen effect and we've tried 
> reducing soluble salts in the potting mix but still the problem `crops' up.  
> I may get the water supply analysed, but has anyone out there other ideas or 
> references regarding symptoms of trace element toxicity?  The effect on 
> leaves is progressing wilting starting at the tips followed by desiccation 
> and finally complete plant death. 
> Thanks for any help
> Richard Pickering

Are you heating the house? could be a gas.

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