banana offset: how to seperate?

N.Y.Fidler binyf at
Wed Aug 23 20:41:52 EST 1995

in article <417fnb$7jt at> cat at (Cat Eldridge) writes:
>I have a four foot (six months or so old) banana plant (sorry, I can't tell
>which variety it as it was picked up at a plant sale) that has recently
>created a offset that is now about six inches. Is it possible to seperate
>the offset from the parent plant without doing harm to either the main
>plant or the offset?   

Is it growing in the ground? If so, split it off with a sharp spade
and dig up as many roots with the offset as possible and replant with
a good handful of something powerful (rotted poultry manure, blood
and bone &c.) mixed into the soil at the bottom of the  planting hole.

If it's in a pot it's easy to split them up after tipping out of the

Good luck, but they're as tough as goats' knees!


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