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K. R. Robertson krrobert at
Thu Aug 24 18:13:44 EST 1995

According to an article written by Willem Meijer in National Geographic
magazine (July 1985, pages 136-140), Rafflesia arnoldii was discovered by
Dr. Joseph Arnold on May 20, 1818.

I donÕt know how Meijer arrived at this date, however.  The original
account of Rafflesia arnoldii was published by Robert Brown in the
Transactions of the Linnean Society of London, Vol. 13, pages 210-234 +
plates, 1822.

In BrownÕs publication is a quotation from a letter written by Sir Stamford
Raffles and dated 13 August 1818.  Inside THIS quotation is a quotation
from a letter written by Dr. Joseph Arnold before his death that described
ArnoldÕs discovery of Rafflesia.  However, no date is given in the
published article as to when Arnold actually discovered Rafflesia.  Perhaps
Dr. Meijer or someone else has been able to examine the original letters
written by S. Raffles and J. Arnold.

K. R. Robertson, Illinois Natural History Survey
krrobert at

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