Is Oleander poisonous?

Jennifer Wright ez023517 at
Thu Aug 24 20:49:07 EST 1995

Around our apartment complex and at some of my friends' places they have 
a lot of oleander plants because it is low maintenance and grows easily 
here and I have not heard of pets from the apartments or my friends' dogs 
and cats eating the oleanders.  The pets are probably okay but I would 
worry about children.  Oleander is extremely poisonous and I have heard 
that a few leaves in a bathtub will give a person a bad rash and it only 
takes a few leaves to kill a man.  There are countless stories of people 
roasting marshmallows or hotdogs on oleander branches and getting 
poisoned.  Be careful with the children around the bushes but all pets 
seem interested in is grass.  :)


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