information wanted: Pachypodium lamerii

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Fri Aug 25 10:12:28 EST 1995

Hello, all...

I was hoping someone out there in net land might help me find some
information about this nifty little plant I've seen for sale.  No one knows 
anything about it.  The only information I have is what is printed on the little
yellow spike that was in the pot; which is better than nothing, but doesn't tell
me everything that I want to know.

I can't find it in any of my plant books either.

It's called the "Madagascar Palm" on the tag.  It has a cactus-like, long,
slender central trunk that slightly tapers toward the base of the plant.  The 
trunk is fleshy looking and has regularly spaced clusters of three fairly soft
green spines, out of which grows an oval shaped leaf.  It looks like some sort
of succulent, but it's not a desert cactus and it's not like any palm I've ever 
seen either, so I'm not quite sure what to do with it.

I have seen them die from stem rot from overwatering at the store where I 
found this one, so I'm assuming it some sort of succulent.  More information
would be highly appreciated, however.

Also, I'm looking for any information specifically about a fern that is called the
"ebony fern" on the  tag.  It's sort of a dark, leathery fern with triangular 
growths at soil level that look almost like they're made of styrofoam.  These
appear to be some sort of rhizome, as new fronds are uncurling from one of 

  D. Michael McIntyre
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