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In article <41femm$jco at>, daniel clendening <dclen at> says:
>  The leaves are turning brown and falling off, 
>then the stems are shriveling up and my once thriving jade plant is 
>This is my second jade, and the first one died with the same symptoms.  
>I thought the first one died due to overwatering, the one I have now has 
>been regularly watered about once a month so as not to overwater and has 
>the same problems.  I am lost as to the problem, and would appreciate 
>any help I can get to solve this delima.

Your jade problem is probably related to one of several things.  Jades need a lot of 
light.  Some direct sun is important, so a window that gets a few hours of direct 
sun a day is excellent.  Secondly, overwatering is deadly.  Jades are a succulent 
and store their water in their leaves.  When the leaves are firm and shiny, resist 
the temptation to water on a schedule.  When the leaves start to loose their 
glossiness, sag a littlel, and feel a but rubbery, give them some water but don't
drown them.  We put ours out on the patio in the spring and bring them in before 
first frost.  That seems to reinvigorate the plant.  If you do, be sure to protect 
them from too much rain.  As far as disease, I have never had a problem but I would 
have to let an expert comment on that. 

Good luck

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