Gary Bachman bachman.9 at osu.edu
Mon Aug 28 13:19:18 EST 1995

In article <41olhm$ke2 at usenetp1.news.prodigy.com>, LUGF60A at prodigy.com
(Lorraine Mcleod) wrote:

> Hi,
>    I have managed to keep my pointsettias alive and well since Christmas, 
> in fact, they are thriving.  My question is, does anyone know how I get 
> them to bloom for Christmas?
>                                                  Thanks,
>                                                          Lorraine
> P.S.  Since I do not have a green thumb and am usually fatal to plants, I 
> am at this point very proud that they are still alive!!!
> -
>   LORRAINE  LUGF60A at prodigy.com

Lorraine, on or about Sept. 1 the plants need to be in COMPLETE darkness
from 4pm until 8am the next morning.  Keep this routine up until about
Nov.15th.  If ANY light gets to the plants then the "blooming" will be
disrupted.  It is fun to do this with your own plants, but it requires a
lot of work.  It is easier to purchase a beautiful poinsettia for the
holidays.  Good Luck  

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