Separating seeds by size or density

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Tue Aug 29 16:40:37 EST 1995

If you've  got a lot of seed to handle, a gravity table is probably your
best bet.  Talk to your local crop improvement association or agricultural
engineering department for more information. For quantities of perhaps
2 Tbsp to 2 cups of seed, a "seed blower" would be most useful; try
the local seed certification lab, or "Official Seed Analysis Lab" for
pointers (the state dept of agriculture can help).

If you're dealing with less than a couple of tablespoons of seeds,
get a shallow cardboard box with a smooth, stiff bottom.  The sort
that really good typing paper is packe in is wonderful.   Put about
2 tsp. of seeds in the box, and hold it tipped at about a 30o angle
to the table.  Tap on the side of the box, maintaining the angle.  The
larger, heavier seeds will start to "climb" the slope, while the light
stuff stays at the bottom.  When you've got sufficient separation, 
pinch out the light stuff, dump the heavier seed, and do it again.
This is the principle of the gravity table, but a whole lot more

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In article <41vnpa$qtl at>, dbois at (Danuta Bois) writes:
> Dear Netters,
> We're looking for a method to sort Lisianthus seeds by size or by
> density without damaging them.  We'd appreciate any suggestions you
> may have.
> Sincerely,
> Danuta Bois

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