Need Info on Transplanting Pampas Grass

cheryl wilen cheryl at
Wed Aug 30 12:57:34 EST 1995

Tom Horn <tomhorn at> wrote:
> >We have a small clump of pampas grass that is at least six years old.
> >It has never done well where it is now.
> >
> >We want to move the plant somewhere else in the hope that the pampas 
> >grass can be used to hide something in the yard.
> >
> >Suggestions would be appreciated.
Are you sure that's what you want to do?  Pampas grass is very invasive, 
So you may end up with the plant in places where you never intended it
to grow. However, if you have your heart set on transplanting it, all you have to do 
is dig up the clump and put it down in the hole where you want it.
Be sure to water it after tranplanting. I usually don't cut back the foliage before transplanting
but you may want to cut it back about to about 3 feet high.
If you don't want it to spread you may consider moving it to 
a large planter (at least 20 gal. size).
Cheryl Wilen
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