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On 27 Aug 1995, HeritageNJ wrote:

> Has anyone seen any studies that prove or disprove the effectiveness of
> commercial root stimulants such as Ortho's "Up-Start", "Roots", or
> "Super-Thrive"?
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 I haven't seen any studies,  but I've seen for myself,  and have heard 
from scores of other fellow growers,  that Superthrive (ST) works 
wonders,  at least on Nepenthes ssp. (tropical pitcher plants).  It has 
increased pitcher size and,  on one plant (N.gracilis) that hadn't 
pitchered for months after receiving it,  it induced pitchering (which,  
as I heard from others,  is not an uncommon effect of ST).

 As far as being a root stimulant,  ST contains naphthyl-1-acetic acid 
(NAA) which is an auxin analog and is used commercially for rooting.  
Indole-3-acetic acid (IAA) is the naturally occuring form of auxin in 
plants.  Auxins are one of the types of plant growth regulators which,  
among other things,  are know to induce rooting.

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