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A meeting of potential interest.
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Dear Colleague


I am writing with news of the first in a new series of Workshops 
sponsored by Zeneca Plant Sciences and Rhone Poulenc and organised in 
collaboration with "The Plant Journal".   The Workshop will provide a 
new interdisciplinary forum to explore the subject of "Roots" from the 
perspective of different  disciplines.  Recent advances will be reviewed, 
the present status of research addressed and future opportunities 
defined.  A main feature of the Workshop will be the opportunity for 
young researchers and established leaders in the field of study to meet 
together to discuss their interests.  There will be sessions on: Origin, 
growth and development of the primary root; cell division and root 
growth; lateral roots and root architecture; root physiology and 
function; roots and other organisms; roots and agriculture.  
Opportunities for poster presentations, short talks and round table 
discussions are scheduled.  

For further information, please contact 

Dr Louise Dewhurst
IFAB Communications
Department of Biology
University of York
PO Box 373
York YO1 5YW, UK
fax +44 1904 433029
e-mail: biocomms at 

and please remember to include your full postal address!  


Louise Dewhurst

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