Price lists on WWW

Bryan Bryan
Fri Dec 1 05:33:05 EST 1995

The following is a current list of all herp related WWW pages
which I provide:

Herp Dealers WWW Page Listing - This is my links page to all
of the dealers listed below

Big Apple Herpetological - 48 PAGE Catalog of Herp 
Supplies!! This is a VERY complete catalog!

Bob Clark's Captive Bred Reptiles - Specializes in hard to 
find, and new morphs of Pythons

Colubrids Exclusively - As the name implies, all colubrids. 
Some very interesting morphs available.

Ecologic Technologies - Makers of the Rainmaker I misting 

Grubco - Mealworms, Crickets, and various other Larvae

Helix Controls - Proportional thermostat devices

Lab Plus - Frozen feeder rodents. Mice and Rats. All sizes.

Lam Distributing - Frozen feeder rodents. Mice and Rats. 
All sizes.

M. Pencar Associates - Makers of the Chromalux UVB Bulb.

Manchester Worm Farm - Meal Worms, Night Crawlers, and 
Earth Worms

New England Reptile Distributors - Snakes, Lizards, Turtles 
and Tortoises

Perfect Pets, Inc. - Feeder items. Mice, Rats, Guinea Pigs, 
Chicks, and Crickets.

Pro Breeders - Professional breeders of rare colubrids and 
other species. This price list has some beautiful pictures 
with it! And, extensive detail on the different animals available.

R&M Herpetoculture - Snakes, Lizards, and Amphibians

Ram Network - Makers of "The Hood" infrared heating devices

Rare Reptiles - Snakes, Lizards, Chelonians, Amphibians, 
and Inverterbrates

Serpenco - Colubrids and Leopard Geckos

Serpent City - Snakes, Lizards, Plants, and Herp Supplies

Serpent's Den - Reptile and Amphibian Dealer

Tom Crutchfields Reptile Enterprises - Snakes (all types, 
including venomous), Lizards, Amphibians, Chelonians, 
Alligators, Crocodiles, and Birds

VPI Pythons - Lot's of different Pythons! And a few other 
types of snakes as well.

Weis Reptiles - Lizards (mainly Dragons and Skinks)

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