Photosynthesis (and other) action/absorption spectra

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Jim Litts (jlitts at replied as follows to my post:

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>> I have developed miniature data loggers that respond to the blue,
>> red and far-red wavelengths to which green plants respond. I would be
>> appreciative of receiving a
>> reference to or an actual tabulated listing of a representative
>> action spectrum and/or absorption spectrum for chlorophyll-a
>> and/or any other light-sensitive pigments in plants. 
>> Forrest M. Mims III
>> Sun Photometer Atmospheric Network (SPAN) 

>Your comments, particularly your reference to red and far-red light,
>to indicate an awareness of phytochrome, but just in case, searching the
>literature for action spectra of "phytochrome", a major
>photoreceptor, should be fruitful.  I don't have the references off hand,
>but if a cursory literature search doesn't give you what you want, email
>and I'll help you find some.


Thank you. I have found many curves. But what I am seeking is a tabulated
list of numbers to plot my own curves. Currently I use data for sumac
leaves that I have measured. Thank you kindly for any assistance you can

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