Need Advice About Taro Root Plant

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Sun Dec 3 22:47:57 EST 1995

cplee at (Charlotte Lee) wrote:

>I recently acquired a Taro Root Plant (Colocasia esculenta)

> The leaf on the first stalk has started to turn yellow. Am I doing something wrong?
> In all other respects the plant seems healthy. Also, does anyone know how large they
>are supposed to grow? 

I growed taro when in Africa and I think something is wrong with your
plant indeed. I normal taro can have more than 10 - 20 green leaves.
You don't have to panic. I hope your taro is suffering from the
transplant. Do not exagerate with water, but a taro can be quite
tolerant to water surplus ; in Central Africa it is often grown in
swamps. Another problem could be the light. Taro likes diffuse light
and farmers in Africa know this: they grow taros under bananas.
I hope you can harvest your roots and multiply your taro!


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